The station may not be as clear as usual today. A lot of ice on the antennas.  Bobby, our tower guy, says he’s going up the tower later today with his trusty hair dryer and a long extension cord to thaw out the antennas.  If you hear a loud buzz and a kerbang later today.  You’ll know what happened.  Send flowers!
Lots of new “Theater of The Mind” radio shows are now ready for broadcast.  These are our old time radio shows which air weekdays at 2:05pm and 10:00pm.  Each show runs less than a half hour.  Tune in, and if you have a favorite show, email us, we’ll be glad to get it on the air for you.

In The Green Outdoors

Our  gardening show.  With your hosts Carol Kelly and Gale Martin.  The show airs Saturdays and Mondays right after “The Second Cup” at about 9:30am.   We hope you enjoy it.  If you miss the broadcast, you can hear the shows on our “On Demand” page. If you have a question or comment for Carol or Gale you may email it to

The Mars Lander has, well, landed.  It has now sent back its first image of the planet Mars!


A Marion History Book written in 1980 by Joseph Napoli, is available through WZMO.  We have several new copies, provided to us by Joe’s son Mark.   The book is a history of Marion during the 1920’s, 30’s and early 40’s.   The vast majority of the book is written incognito.  Gambling, Prostitution, Alcohol during prohibition, and local Mafia are all described in the book.  The book is $15.00.    Email us from our “Contact” tab above.

Did you miss Marion’s News Magazine show “The Second Cup”  on Saturday or Monday mornings?  Not to fear.  You can hear it any time from our “On Demand” page.  Along with most of our other great Marion  programs.



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