Arlo Guthrie Alice’s Restaurant Thanksgiving Day

Any Broadcaster and any announcer who’s been around a while knows that on Thanksgiving Day you must play Alice’s Restaurant.  It is the Thanksgiving Day Anthem.  So, we will play it 4 times on Thanksgiving.  Tune it at 9am, 12n, 3pm, or  6pm. for all 18 minutes of Alice’s Restaurant. If your out of our listening area you can click the stream button to the right.  Don’t forget to click the play button when the app pops up.   And please sing along.

Our weekly news magazine show “The Second Cup” will now be posted each week on the “On Demand” page.   Scroll over “Program Schedule,” above, and like magic it appears.

In The Green Outdoors

Our  gardening show.  With your hosts Carol Kelly and Gale Martin.  The show airs Saturdays and Mondays right after “The Second Cup” at about 9:30am.   We hope you enjoy it.




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