“Long Play” airs Friday night at 11:00pm and again Saturday at 3:00pm.   The “Something Weird” segments air once a week at 1:40am, 7:40am and 3:40pm.  You just don’t know which day of the week it will be.  That’s part of the “Weird.” 

Darn it, were paying good money for these UFO’s to promo our station 

                                               Stop shooting them down!

My thanks to Sam for catching this photo before it gets taken out next.

Theater of the Mind With Steve Cannon

March 37to 41,  2023

2:05pm and 10:00pm

Mon. Ozzy and Harriet

Tues. X Minus One

Wed. Mystery Is My Hobby

Thurs. Dragnet

Fri.  Dr. Six Gun


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