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Steve Cannon, host of our “Theater of the Mind” show, asked on his Facebook page last week for show suggestions.  Forty One listeners have responded so far.  Below we’ve answer most of the posts.   Thank you to each of you for providing us your show ideas.  You may also Email them to us on our “Contact” page above.

Pat Saylor I love the sci-fi and westerns!

Thank you Sci-Fi shows are on Tuesday’s and Westerns Friday

Chris Johnston Not the season for this, but I enjoy the Christmas versions of many of these shows. Amos and Andy, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Fibber McGee & Molly. While Amos & Andy aren’t very politically correct, their annual Christmas show was not only funny but touching.

We have all the seasonal shows and they are fun to run at the holidays.

Steve Cannon One of the ” Gunsmoke” Christmas shows was one of the best I have ever heard. A daughter and husband lock out of the house on a cold Chtistmas Eve.

Steven Clark Orson Welles “War of the Worlds”.

On Halloween night at 8pm after Trick Or Treat we air War Of The Worlds, Dracula, and an episode of Suspense Theater. This has been a 5 year tradition for us.

Jack Boyle The Jack Benny Program

Look for it soon on a Monday

Mike Luck The Bickerson’s with Don Ameche and Frances Langford.

I have several ready for an upcoming Monday.

Sid Ray How about The Shadow & The Green Hornet?

We have several of both shows they will play occasionally on Thursday’s

Ron Henderson Jr. The Dick Van Dyke Show

Although he was in some radio shows prior to TV. I can not find any specific to him.

Tina Meier Ross Any Abbot and Costello?

We have several Abbot an Costello’s. We’ll intermix them on Monday’s Thank You.

Scott Womac Sci-fi! And mysteries!

Ah, yes, The Sci-Fi’s Tuesday’s.  Mysteries on Wednesday

Bud Timbs Lum and Abner !

I have a couple but their audio quality isn’t very good. We’ll try one of them on an upcoming Monday

Robert Millar The Shadow

Who knows what evil lurks…… Upcoming on a Thursday

John Ledbetter Steve; One Old Radio Show I remember as a Youngster was with Don Ameche and the Actress (Don’t Remember Who ). He would always call Blanche !!! They would always be having conversation at Bedtime and He would always keep telling Her to “Turn Out the Light”. Wish I Still Knew The Name ?!?!?!?!

The Bickersons. We will have it on soon for you on Monday

Jeri L Long Burns and Allen “ Say good night Gracie”

Good night Gracie, Lots of these shows in our library. We’ll play them on some Monday’s

Flo Vachon Tim and I would like The Bickersons, a mirror image of our live together! Well, not quite, but still funny!

Your the second to request The Bickersons, We’ll have it soon on Monday

Shawn Johns The Shadow, Burns and Allen, Gunsmoke.

Steve Cannon: The Shadow we have and run. Gunsmoke I think is every couple of weeks on Friday Burns and Allen will be on Mondays I will get right on that.

Mark E. Rice Dragnet,

We’ve got lots of Dragnet shows. Run them on Thursday’s. Also take a listen to “Squad Cars” that we also play on Thursday. It’s a South African take off on Dragnet.

Bob Zamboni Inner Sanctum Mysteries, scared the poopie out of me a a kid.

These are great. We have them on some Wednesday’s and on Halloween Night at 8pm after Trick or Treat.

“Theater of the Mind,” our vintage radio shows, now has a  host.  Steve Cannon, veteran of  WTVN Radio and self-proclaimed King of Trivia  will introduce each show and then at it’s conclusion bring you a little bio and trivia.   Take a listen at 2:05pm or 10:00pm.   Suggestions for shows, drop us an email at  We are very pleased that Steve is now with WZMO.

In The Green Outdoors

Our  gardening show.  With your hosts Carol Kelly and Gale Martin.  The show airs Saturdays and Mondays right after “The Second Cup” at about 9:30am.   We hope you enjoy it.  If you miss the broadcast, you can hear the shows on our “On Demand” page. If you have a question or comment for Carol or Gale you may email it to

The Mars Lander has, well, landed.  It has now sent back its first image of the planet Mars!


A Marion History Book written in 1980 by Joseph Napoli, is available through WZMO.  We have several new copies, provided to us by Joe’s son Mark.   The book is a history of Marion during the 1920’s, 30’s and early 40’s.   The vast majority of the book is written incognito.  Gambling, Prostitution, Alcohol during prohibition, and local Mafia are all described in the book.  The book is $15.00.    Email us from our “Contact” tab above.

Did you miss Marion’s News Magazine show “The Second Cup”  on Saturday or Monday mornings?  Not to fear.  You can hear it any time from our “On Demand” page.  Along with most of our other great Marion  programs.



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