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7:30A M-F Five Minute Mysteries

9:00am Mon   A Second Cup     Rebroadcast

2:15A 9:15A
12:15P 5:15P MWF The Great American Story

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10:30A 12:30P 5:30P
6:30P 8:30P 10:30P M-Sun Community Calendar

8:30A 11:30A 3:30P M-F A Moment In Time

1:00A 9:00A 3:00P S S M Marion In A Moment

1:30P 7:30P Tues Science and the Sea

2:05P 10:00P M-F Old Time Radio

2:15A 8:15a 12:15n
3:15p 8:15p MWFS Science Update

:15 M-Sun Weather
:45 M-Sun Weather


9:00am  A Second Cup News Magazine

10:00A 9:00P Nerd Overload

8:00P Wood Songs


9:05A Big Band Bash

10:00A Making Contact

4:00P Wood Songs

9:00P The Roadhouse

School Delay and Cancellations
:05 :15 :30 :45 (And at :57 6a and 7a hours ) M-F When needed
Bulletins every 15 minutes when needed

Old Time Radio

  • Monday – Comedy
  • Tuesday – SciFi
  • Wednesday – Mystery
  • Thursday – Drama
  • Friday – Westerns