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  Theater of the Mind

Week of 1/20 – 24 2020

Mon. Baby Snooks

Tues.  Space Patrol

Wed. Charlie Chan

Thurs. Box 13

Fri. The Six Shooter

Boeing’s Starliner encounters a problem: Spacecraft is not in proper orbit

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft failed to put itself on the correct course during an uncrewed test flight on Friday and will not reach the International Space Station during this mission

Starliner successfully launched into space aboard a rocket Friday morning, but after detaching from the launch vehicle, Starliner did not perform as intended, Boeing said in a statement.

Starliner was supposed to make a precise maneuver to put itself on a path to link up with the space station on Saturday. But the spacecraft failed to fire up its engines at the correct moment because of an issue with the vehicle’s on-board clock.

I bet they forgot to change it to Day Light Savings Time!!

As if Boeing doesn’t already have enough problems, now they can’t set a clock correctly.


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That might explain how our Billboard somehow turned up on Mars.  Great photo from the Lunar Rover,
by the way.

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