WZMO will be on the move in a few weeks.  We are in the process of changing channels to 107.1 FM.   This is a much better and clearer channel.  No more deciding if you’re listening to us or WIOT from Toledo.  We are working on the new antennas and equipment now.  It is expected that we’ll be on by the end of fall.  The FCC has indicated that they may allow us to be on both channels for a few weeks under  “Temporary Test Authority.”  This will help us get everything fine-tuned and listeners acclimated to the new channel. 

Please Stand By!

Christy Carlo hosts Marion’s News Magazine “A Second Cup”  Saturday’s and Monday’s at 9:05am right after the network news.

Theater of the Mind With Steve Cannon

Sept 25 to 28, 2023

2:05pm and 15:00pm

Mon. Red Skelton

Tues. The Green Hornet

Wed. The Crime Club

Thurs. The Saint

Fri. The Lone Ranger


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